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Summer Child Best Watch Handheld Color Video Monitor - Essential Features To Benefit You!

The best video monitor has all the crucial needs that parents need, making it one of the best video baby monitors available. It is a large number of electronic technology offers crystal clear audio and video with a safe, private indication up to 350 feet. The Video Infant Handheld monitor has a large color display at 2.5 inches which can be larger than many lightweight video baby monitors. A very helpful and unique characteristic with this video child monitor is the ability to move, scan and pan on the camera. Certainly one of the major suppliers of this monitor comes with an average client evaluation score of 4.5 out of 5 from 75 evaluations.

Video Picture Quality:

During the day the color video quality is excellent and the black and white night vision can be very good, even in a totally black room. There are red lights on the front of the camera which most people find aren't too bright, but a few people have experienced these lights to flash every 5 seconds which in turn makes the vision on the monitor flash also. The majority of people do not encounter the flashing red lights on the camera and it's presumed that those who did have often a faulty camera, or the place was not black enough for the camera to distinguish between functioning in night or day vision. There are inexperienced lights above the camera lens and soft red lights throughout the camera lens which should not be flashing on and off. There is a natural electricity indicator light on the camera that's usually considered to be too bright, this issue is resolved by some parents by covering it with electrical tape (or similar).

Audio and Reception:

If you want to the audio quality is excellent, you can hear your child respiration. There is a wide selection of audio configurations, from loud to quiet, to off. The LED lights that reveal sound out of your baby don't involve the volume to be on, to light, and do not change based on the volume environment on the parent monitor. The one common complaint from parents using the Summer Infant Best View Handheld Video Baby Monitor is that it doesn't have a volume control knob/dial, but you have to get into the menu to adjust the volume, it is very easily done but many people find it an annoying characteristic of this monitor.

The range is excellent, the manufacturer estimates 350 feet but to assume an ideal distance for in home use of 15 - 60 feet. A lot of people have used this monitor over multiple floors inside their houses without any interruption in transmission of video and audio, there is also no static with this video baby monitor.


The 'Best View Handheld Baby Video Monitor' process works at 2.4GHz (802.11g) a common frequency for many household wireless networks. The most individuals who use this child video monitor system don't encounter any interference or diminished performance of other electronics such as for example wireless hub, laptop computers, iphone, wireless printers, TiVo, NAS, PS3, XBox 360, Wii and cordless phones. There's however, the other group that do encounter interference with wireless routers (802.11g) and other gadgets. Occasionally a laptop running in a bedroom next to the room with the camera, the laptop was unable to access wireless networking. Interference issues might be solved by trying 802.11n ( MIMO ) for some individuals.

Other Features:

Batteries: The monitor uses 3 AA rechargeable NiMh batteries which are involved, and last up to 10 hours, however if you are working it on batteries instead of AC power the screen turns off immediately to conserve battery life and you've to turn the video right back on by pushing a button on the top of the monitor, a bit troublesome if you just want to glance at the screen to check always on your infant. The baby monitor doesn't turn the video image off if it is attached to the power.

Pan and Zoom: A great element of the 'Best View' video baby monitor is the pan/tilt and move functions. The camera has a bracket, it could be turned through a wide range of movement, it is governed by a small joystick on the monitor. It is very quiet so it wont awaken your infant when it goes. It pans about 320 degrees so that you will be able to scan most of your child's room, that is ideal to keep an eye on the baby who likes to move out of bed and play inside their room. The camera may tip upwards 90 degrees and downwards about 40 degrees from horizontal. There are 2 zoom levels (perhaps not continuous just like the pot) which work quite nicely, it's good to have the ability to see if your baby's eyes are open or closed.

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Additional Camera: A special feature of the 'Summer Infant Best View Video Baby Monitor' is that it will take up to an additional 3 camera's, making 4 altogether, a great benefit when you've multiple child you want to see and hear.

Parents views about the Summer Infant Best View Video Baby Monitor usually run along the type of 'adore this monitor', 'absolutely great monitor', 'wonderful baby video monitor', 'best video monitor I have observed', 'great purchase, worth the price for reassurance', the opinion is that the video baby monitor reviews with 2.5' screen is one of the very best and hottest baby video monitors available today.

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